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Feb. 28, 2023

Amy Scruggs: The Country Music Star Who Wears A Turtleneck And Loves Pigeons

Amy Scruggs: The Country Music Star Who Wears A Turtleneck And Loves Pigeons


There’s nothing like a feel-good country music star, and that’s exactly what you get with Amy Scruggs. From her classic turtleneck fashion sense to her love of animals, Amy Scruggs is the picture of Southern charm. Before she was a popular music presenter and recording artist, Amy was just a small-town girl with a passion for music, motherly love, and an admiration for pigeons. Find out the full story of Amy Scruggs and her success in the music industry - from her humble beginnings to her very own “veteran” anthem - in this article.

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Amy Scruggs' Early Life

Amy Scruggs is a rising country music star who is taking the country music scene by storm with her unique style, warm personality, and passion for pigeons. She has been praised for her electrifying live performances, her powerful voice, and her quirky fashion sense - usually seen sporting a turtleneck.

As she continues to make waves in the industry, fans of all ages want to know more about Amy Scruggs and what inspires her unique sound. This article will provide just that. We’ll explore Amy Scruggs' early life, how she got into country music, the influence of early mentors and collaborators on her sound, how she built a devoted fan base through independent releases, her passions outside of music, and much more.

So let’s get started! Here is a comprehensive look at Amy Scruggs: The Country Music Star Who Wears A Turtleneck And Loves Pigeons.


Amy Scruggs' Music Career

When Amy Scruggs burst onto the country music scene six years ago, the first thing people noticed was her turtleneck. But what they might not have realized at the time was that this eccentric fashion statement was just the beginning of a meteoric rise throughout the music world.

Raised by her mother, a veteran pottery teacher, Amy's first experiences of music were playing along to the national anthem on her mother’s piano. After saving up money from odd-jobs and taking out a mortgage loan, she began working on her first album, and it wasn't long until her sultry southern twang caught on with the masses.

Now, Amy is one of the biggest names in country music, and her turtleneck has become her signature look. She's appeared on almost every major radio station and TV presenter, and her music videos have been viewed millions of times. But don’t let her fame fool you: Amy still has one of the biggest soft-spots for her beloved pet pigeons. She even wrote a song about them!

Amy Scruggs has come a long way since she first picked up a guitar, and she isn’t slowing down anytime soon. From her iconic turtleneck to her love of pigeons, she has become a beloved figure in the world of country music. With her unique style and infectious personality, it's no wonder she's become one of the most sought-after performers in the industry.

Album Releases

Amy Scruggs is a singer, songwriter, and country music star who is set to release her latest album, 'Turtleneck Anthem,' in August. Her unique style of music is a mix of traditional country, pop, and rock elements that appeal to a wide range of listeners. Growing up in small-town North Carolina, Amy was raised by her mother and a strong community of veterans. She credits her time in the military for helping to shape her into the artist that she is today.

Amy's first single from her new album is called 'The Pigeon Waltz,' an upbeat anthem about her love for her pet pigeons. The song was co-written by Amy and veteran songwriter Tim Bracey, who also co-wrote her critically-acclaimed hit 'Mortgage Man.' Amy has said that the song is her way of expressing her admiration for her beloved birds and her “unconditional love for all forms of life.'

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Amy is also a talented visual artist. After her military service, Amy moved to Los Angeles and took up ceramics, learning the craft of pottery. Many of her pieces have been displayed in galleries around the country. She also loves to take walks through the city and capture the beauty of the everyday world in her paintings.

Amy is a true star in the music world. Her unique style of music, coupled with her vibrant personality, make her an artist who is truly embraced by audiences of all ages. Fans around the world have grown to love her, from her appearances as a presenter on award shows to her live performances. With the release of her latest album, 'Turtleneck Anthem,' Amy Scruggs is sure to continue delighting crowds with her incredible music.


If you’re familiar with the country music scene, you’ve likely heard the name Amy Scruggs. She’s a singer-songwriter and presenter that has made waves in the industry with her unique style and sound. But what may be even more remarkable is her off-stage persona – she wears a turtleneck and is a proud owner of a flock of pigeons.

Amy Scruggs has been playing music since she was a little girl, but it was when she was in her mid-20s that she decided to take it seriously. She started to perform her own original songs, which gave her an edge in the ever-growing country music scene. Her passion for music led her to become a presenter on various shows and even a guest on The Voice.

But what really sets Amy apart from other singers is her off-stage persona. She’s a proud mother and a veteran. To support her family, she took up a job as a pottery teacher at a local community college. She also took out a mortgage to purchase a home for her and her family.

It’s her love of birds that makes her even more endearing to her fans. She’s a proud owner of a flock of pigeons. Every night, they flock around her balcony and listen to her singing. Some of them even sing along in excitement. To commemorate her love of birds, she’s written a country anthem dedicated to them.

It’s not just birds that Amy is passionate about. She is also a proud owner of a turtleneck. She wears this often for her performances and believes that it makes her look classy.

Amy Scruggs is a true gem in the country music scene. Her music, her style, and her passion for birds make her stand out from the rest. Whether you’re a fan of her music or her style, you can’t deny that Amy Scruggs is one-of-a-kind.

Amy Scruggs' Love of Animals

Amy Scruggs is a country music star with a passion for animals, and her fans love her for it. While most people know her for her singing and songwriting – having written the US veterans’ anthem, 'Destined' – it is no secret that Amy also has a soft spot for animals from pigeons to pottery.

It all began when Amy's mother was a presenter at an animal rescue center. Growing up, Amy spent a lot of time helping out there, and it instilled in her a sense of appreciation for animals. In a recent interview, Amy said that the memories of her mother caring for the animals is what inspired her to pursue music.

Today, Amy is a proud owner of two pet pigeons, who she affectionately calls Jack and Jill. Despite having to take out a mortgage to get them, Amy says she wouldn't trade them for the world. She loves to take them out for walks and shares pictures of them on her social media accounts.

Amy is also a passionate advocate of animal rights. Recently she donated to a pottery workshop in South America, whose proceeds go to rescuing animals. Despite the fact that she's a celebrity and often in the spotlight, she is dedicated to her work and helping animals in need.

Amy Scruggs may be known for her turtleneck and her country music, but it is her love of animals that sets her apart from other stars. It is this love that her fans admire, and it is no wonder that Amy has a huge following of dedicated animal lovers.


Who knew Amy Scruggs, the country music star, was so fond of pigeons? That’s right, Amy Scruggs, the presenter of the award-winning mortgage anthem of the decade and the veteran of countless hit music videos, loves pigeons.

It all started when she was a little girl, living with her mother in a small town in South Carolina. She would regularly go do pottery in the park, and the pigeons often flew around her in fascination. It was then that her love for the birds first took shape.

Fast forward to the present day and it’s clear that Amy is still fond of her feathered friends. After every one of her shows, Amy can be found backstage, chatting to her fans - and handing out snacks to the pigeons. Amy is often seen sporting her iconic turtleneck and matching gloves, standing in the back of the crowd and cooing sweetly at the birds.

It’s clear to see why Amy Scruggs has such a special place in her heart for pigeons - they’re a reminder of the fun days spent with her mother as a child. Plus, Amy’s fans love to see her embracing her love of nature; it only adds to her endearing charm.

It looks like Amy Scruggs and her feathered friends will be accompanying us on her musical journey for years to come. Who knew the award-winning country music star had such a soft spot for pigeons!

Other Pets

When it comes to the unconventional pet-owner lifestyle of country music star Amy Scruggs, it’s no surprise that her other pets are as unique as her beloved turtleneck. For a woman who has been releasing music since the age of 14 and making appearances on popular talk shows as a presenter, there was no way the living legend was going to opt for a conventional pet like a dog or cat!

Amy Scruggs is not only a country music star and talk show presenter, but she is also an incredibly devoted mother. Her love for animals is evident in her various pet choices, and aside from her two pet pigeons, she is also the proud owner of a large tortoise and a number of smaller lizards.

Aside from her more exotic pet choices, Amy Scruggs is also a passionate pottery enthusiast. Every afternoon she can be seen toiling away in her pottery shed, creating her signature pieces with her daughter by her side. Amy is also a proud veteran, and she has been known to sing the national anthem for any special occasion.

But aside from all of her passions, it’s her pet pigeons that really show how much Amy Scruggs loves animals! She often talks about how her pet pigeons help her relax after a stressful day or week, and it’s clear that she genuinely loves and cares for them. What’s more, she often uses the money she earns from her music career to help out with her birds’ vet bills and other expenses - she’s even been known to make her mortgage payments on time despite the additional costs.

Amy is a true animal lover, and it shows in the way she cares for her other pets. From her country music career to her passion for pottery and her devotion to her pet pigeons, Amy Scruggs is the ultimate quirky pet-owner. If you’re looking for a role model who wears a turtleneck and takes good care of her other pets, Amy is your girl!

Amy Scruggs’ Fashion Sense

When it comes to Amy Scruggs, the country music star, one thing is for sure- there’s never a dull moment. Whether it be her quirky fashion sense or her unique hobbies, Amy Scruggs continues to captivate her growing fan base. As her latest music video goes viral, let’s take some time to appreciate the unique aspects of Ms. Scruggs.

When it comes to her fashion sense, it’s safe to say that Amy Scruggs marches to the beat of her own drum. Opting for comfort, her signature look consists of an oversized turtleneck paired with distressed jeans, sneakers and a baseball cap. She has been photographed in turtlenecks at everything from high-end red carpets to her mother’s pottery exhibit. Amy’s signature look continues to be a favorite of her growing fan base, and she loves to wear different colors of the same turtleneck each day.

In addition to her fashion sense, Amy Scruggs’ hobbies are just as unique. Her love of pigeons is well-documented in her music videos, and photos of her attending pigeon races as well as caring for her own pigeons have circulated online. She is also an avid admirer of pottery and has been spotted taking pottery classes at her local community center. Amy is also an active member of a Veterans’ support group and has been seen singing the national anthem at their weekly events.

Of course, these unique hobbies often take a backseat to Amy Scruggs’ music career. She recently released her EP, “The Scruggs Sessions”, and she is a popular presenter on the new country music channel, “Country Music Live”. As her fan base continues to grow, only time will tell the story of Amy Scruggs and her unique fashion sense, hobbies, and career.


Amy Scruggs: she’s the country music star who goes against the grain and looks good while doing it. She’s been making waves in the music industry since the release of her debut album, and she continues to amass an impressive collection of awards and nominations. Her commitment to her music is surpassed only by her commitment to her animals.

But what might be even more impressive is her ability to showcase her unique fashion sense, specifically her penchant for turtlenecks. Amy Scruggs is a one-of-a-kind talent and an inspiration to us all. Whether you’re a fan of country music, fashion, animals, or all three, you can find something to admire about Amy Scruggs. She’s proof that you can follow your passions and look your best while doing it. Who said pigeons and turtlenecks can’t go together? Not us!