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Aug. 22, 2022

Cherry Pie And The Sword: The Incredible Story Of Cheryl Ilov, A Black Belt Ninja Physiotherapist

Cherry Pie And The Sword: The Incredible Story Of Cheryl Ilov, A Black Belt Ninja Physiotherapist


For centuries, the combination of martial arts prowess, medical expertise, and a warrior’s mentality has been the stuff of legends. But few can match the unique story of Cheryl Ilov, a black belt ninja and physiotherapist who has mastered the art of cherry pie- and sword-based combat. From overcoming chronic pain to founding the Ninja Physiotherapy Institute, Cheryl has dedicated her life to helping and training others. Read on to learn about this incredible warrior queen’s rise to greatness.

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Early life

'Cheryl Ilov was destined for greatness from the moment she was born. She was born in rural Vermont with one goal in mind: to become a warrior queen. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a black belt ninja and taking on the world with a sword in hand. Little did she know that her life would take a dramatic turn, with her ultimate destiny being the title of Physiotherapist.

Cheryl was the oldest of four siblings, and was always pushing her boundaries. She was no stranger to physical activity and enjoyed running, pole dancing, and martial arts. She had a love for learning, particularly martial arts, and strove to prove herself in any way she could.

Unfortunately, as Cheryl aged, her body began to show signs of chronic pain and injury. She was later diagnosed with a number of conditions that would limit her physical capabilities and force her to rethink her physical lifestyle.

However, Cheryl refused to give up. With a little help from her physiotherapist, she was able to manage her pain and still keep active. She continued pole dancing and martial arts, determined to make her dreams a reality.

Cheryl became known as the “Cherry Pie and the Sword” warrior queen. She defied the odds in a world designed for those with disabilities. With each passing day, she continued to progress and challenge herself, pushing her body to limits she never thought possible.

Today, Cheryl is a successful Black Belt Ninja Physiotherapist, and her story has become an inspiration to many. Her accomplishments are a testament to her determination and strength of character, and she continues to prove that anything is possible.

Black Belt Training


Cheryl Ilov's black belt training was no joke. She had to train hard and become a ninja warrior queen in order to master her craft and help with her chronic pain. But how did she get to that point? By combining the ancient practices of ninja arts with the modern-day art of pole dancing!


Her unique combination of training styles quickly earned her the moniker of 'Cherry Pie and the Sword.' She now uses her skills to rehabilitate clients with chronic pain, helping them to live their best life despite their physical limitations. No one is a bigger believer in her newfound skillset and the importance of staying active than Cheryl Ilov!

Career as Physiotherapist and Ninja Instructor

Cheryl Ilov, better known as the Black Belt Ninja Physiotherapist, isn't just an ordinary woman. She's a warrior queen who knows how to make the most out of her life. Her story is an inspiring one that reminds us to live every day to the fullest and never give up no matter what challenges we face.

Since childhood, Cheryl had an affinity for martial arts. She mastered various forms of self-defense and studied Taekwondo, earning her black belt at a young age. She was also highly skilled in sword fighting, a passion she still has today.

When chronic pain started to take its toll on her body, Cheryl decided to take a break from her martial arts pursuits. She decided to pursue a career in physical therapy, particularly in the treatment of chronic pain. She completed her doctorate in Physiotherapy and opened her own clinic.

At her clinic, Cheryl uses her expertise in martial arts, combined with her knowledge of physiotherapy, to help her clients manage their chronic pain and regain their strength and mobility. She is an incredibly skilled physiotherapist, but she isn't one to rest on her laurels. She continuously expands her skillset and attends seminars and workshops to stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to her career in physiotherapy, Cheryl also works as a ninja instructor at a local dojo. She teaches students all kinds of self-defense moves and teaches them to be confident and fearless in their daily lives.

In her spare time, Cheryl also teaches pole dancing classes and loves to bake her famous cherry pies.

Cheryl is an incredible example of what can be achieved when you never give up. She's a warrior queen, who uses her skills and knowledge to make her life as fulfilling as possible. She's also an inspiration to anyone dealing with chronic pain - a reminder that we can still lead a meaningful and enjoyable life, no matter what challenges life throws our way.

The Sword of Fire and Cherry Pie, Inc.

Cheryl Ilov is no ordinary woman: she is an extraordinary Black Belt Ninja Physiotherapist. However, she wasn't always this way. Growing up, Cheryl was a gentle girl who was fond of baking cherry pies and wielding a sword. Little did she know that she would soon be using that sword for something much more meaningful.

At the age of 24, Cheryl suffered from a severe bout of chronic pain. Doctors offered her no relief, so Cheryl took it upon herself to heal her own body and mind. As a result, she became a certified Black Belt in Ninjutsu and a Physiotherapist.

Soon, her physical and mental prowess attracted the attention of an underground society, and Cheryl became known as the 'warrior queen'. This secret society invited Cheryl to teach a unique form of pole dancing in private clubs around the world, and she accepted.

With her newfound fame and mastery of pole dancing, Cheryl decided to start her own business: Cherry Pie and The Sword. The Sword of Fire is a unique form of pole dancing that combines both martial arts and fitness. It helps participants to not only become stronger physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Cheryl's business is growing, and she is proud to have helped countless people suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Her business has even attracted the attention of celebrities and professional athletes who are now taking classes at her studio.

Cheryl's story is a testament to the power of courageous individuals who take charge of their own wellbeing. By pushing boundaries and learning new skills, she has been able to achieve success and fulfill her dreams. For us mortals, Cheryl's story serves as an inspirational reminder to never give up and to fight for what we believe in.

Cherry Pie’s Fighting Style

Cherry Pie's fighting style is truly something to behold. Combining her Black Belt in Ninjutsu and her degree in physiotherapy, she has created a unique way of defending herself that is both stylish and effective. And don't forget the pole dancing! Her warrior queen moves are more than a match for her opponents, making her an unstoppable force.

Cherry Pie's incredible skills are attributed to her ability to manage her chronic pain. She is able to channel the pain into her martial arts training, which has allowed her to move through the pain and become an absolute master with her sword. With her powerful technique and creative use of her sword, she is always ready to take on any challenge.

Advancing Female Ninja Warriors

When Cheryl Ilov discovered pole dancing at a young age, her ability to combine her newfound hobby with her professional physiotherapy background quickly gained attention. While she had the skills to be a warrior queen in the pole dancing world, she decided to take it to the next level and become a black belt in traditional Ninja martial arts. Now, her unique combination of disciplines is gaining recognition as a powerful form of therapy for those with chronic pain.

What sets Ilov apart is also her innovative approach for female Ninja warriors, based on the notion that no matter what size or age you are, you can be a powerful, capable fighter. She's taken this concept and applied it to her teachings, passing on her knowledge and skills to her students to help them become the strongest, most capable versions of themselves. Her classes are packed with students eager to learn from the Cherry Pie and Sword-wielding Warrior Queen.

Personal Life

Cheryl Ilov, the former physical therapist and current black belt ninja, has been nicknamed “Cherry Pie and the Sword” for her ability to master both the physical and mental aspects of the martial arts. Cheryl was born in Australia and has a very unique personal story that led her to become a physiotherapist, a pole-dancing enthusiast, and a warrior queen.

Cheryl's story begins with her struggle with chronic pain due to a back injury she suffered during her teenage years. After suffering from physical and psychological pain for many years, Cheryl decided to try an unconventional approach to her recovery—ninjutsu. After months of rigorous training, she acquired a black belt in ninjutsu and a new appreciation for the ways in which the art of ninjutsu could help her cope with her chronic pain.

Cheryl found her newfound confidence in ninjutsu to be a great help as she began physical therapy to treat her back injury. After two years of physical therapy, she was able to finally rid herself of her chronic pain. She now dedicates much of her time to helping others heal through her own form of physical therapy, combining physical therapy techniques with the techniques of ninjutsu.

Cheryl has since gone on to become an avid pole-dancing enthusiast, a master of martial arts, and a warrior queen. This combination of physical and mental strength has earned Cheryl the title of Cherry Pie and the Sword.

When asked about her treasured cherry pie, Cheryl smiles and says, “My cherry pie is a reminder for me to never give up, no matter how difficult the journey may be.” This is a motto that many can learn from, as Cheryl’s story is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the resilience of the human body.

Cheryl Ilov’s Legacy

Cheryl Ilov was never one to follow the beaten path. A Black Belt Ninja Physiotherapist, this warrior queen used unconventional means to help her patients manage their chronic pain. From pole dancing classes to wielding a samurai sword, Cheryl Ilov established a legacy as an innovator who put her own spin on physiotherapy.

Cheryl Ilov’s story began in Dublin, Ireland when she decided to take martial arts classes while recovering from an injury. She quickly found that not only did martial arts help her recover faster, it also opened the door to a new career path. She soon earned her black belt in ninjutsu and took her newfound skills to a physiotherapy clinic near Dublin.

At the clinic, Cheryl Ilov found that standard physiotherapy methods weren’t enough to help some of her patients with chronic pain. That’s when she decided to get creative and draw on her martial arts experience to create a unique style of treatment. She developed a range of alternative therapies, from pole dancing classes to sword wielding.

Cheryl Ilov’s treatments soon earned her a cult following of patients and fans from across the globe. She even received a nickname, Cherry Pie, which was a nod to the cherry pie she served before each pole dancing class!

Not only did Cheryl Ilov help her patients manage their chronic pain, she also made them feel empowered. The lessons and techniques she taught gave people the skills they needed to take control of their own lives and manage their own health.

Cheryl Ilov’s story is truly inspiring. She defied convention, pushed boundaries, and paved the way for a new style of physiotherapy. Her legacy lives on in the patients she helped, the pole dancing classes she taught, and the samurai sword she mastered.

Founding The Ninja Physiotherapy Institute

The year was 2020 and Cheryl Ilov was determined to make a change. She had faced her own challenges with chronic pain and wanted to provide a unique approach to helping other people with their physical discomfort. Having trained as a black belt in martial arts and a physio, Cheryl decided to combine her two passions to establish the Ninja Physiotherapy Institute.

Cheryl’s mission was to “train warriors to become warrior queens” and she set out to do just that. Her classes combined the “samurai moves” of pole dancing with the more therapeutic techniques of physiotherapists and brought together a diverse set of people looking to improve their physical health. Her signature move was combining the sword with a cherry pie as a way to relax and release tension.

Cheryl’s institute was an instant success and soon she had trained a whole community of warrior queens, all thriving with improved physical and mental health. The Ninja Physiotherapy Institute had become a place of healing and community, with Cheryl’s hard work and dedication making it possible.


So although Cheryl Ilov’s story reads like something out of a fairy tale, it’s actually a testament to the power of following your dreams. From humble beginnings to incredible success, she has put her martial arts training, her heart, and her soul into her craft and created something that nobody else has. She has demonstrated that it is possible to combine a passion for martial arts with a career in physiotherapy and that it can be used to improve the lives of others. She has become an icon in her own right, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their dreams just as she did. There will never be another Cheryl Ilov, but her legacy will remain a powerful reminder to us all that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.