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Jan. 24, 2023

How Amanda Zeine Went From Pediatrician And Flight Surgeon To A Hot Mess With A Love For Ducks And Orange!

How Amanda Zeine Went From Pediatrician And Flight Surgeon To A Hot Mess With A Love For Ducks And Orange!


Amanda Zeine has led a wild life, and it's not just because of the ducks and oranges! From a successful pediatrician and highly respected flight surgeon in the US Air Force, to a hot mess who loves her ducks and oranges more than anything else, Amanda's story is one of the most remarkable, absurd, and hilarious you'll ever hear. In this article, we explore the wild ride of Amanda Zeine's journey, from her early life to the current, hot mess status and all the ducks and oranges that followed.

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Early Life

When the world first met Amanda Zeine, she was a clean-cut, hardworking pediatrician and flight surgeon with a passion for helping children and a penchant for pancakes. Fast-forward a few years, and Amanda became a whole different kind of person. She traded in her lab coat and scrubs for duck costumes and orange-hued apparel, and set off on a wild journey of self-discovery.

The key moment for Amanda's transformation was a nasty fall that resulted in a severe brain injury and concussion. Just like that, what had been a life of structure and dedication to children's health was thrown out of whack. Suddenly, Amanda was thrown into a strange new world, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy were blurred.

In the months that followed her brain injury, Amanda became a hot mess of a person. She traded her love for children and pancakes for an obsession with ducks and orange. She developed a taste for bright-colored clothing and an affinity for strange, nonsensical stories and jokes. This behavior was seen as irrational, but Amanda saw it as a form of healing and self-expression.

Though it might seem absurd, Amanda's wild journey proved to be therapeutic. Through her self-expression and newfound love of ducks and orange, she was able to slowly recover from her brain injury and concussion. Eventually, Amanda was able to regain her normal life and level of functioning, but with a newfound appreciation for the absurd and a deepened connection to the things she loves.

Though some might find Amanda's transformation a bit puzzling, Amanda herself is proud of her journey. From pediatrician and flight surgeon, to hot mess with a love for ducks and orange, Amanda has embraced her newly-discovered identity and never looks back.

Leaving the Air Force

For Amanda Zeine, it wasn't an easy decision to leave the Air Force. She had been a pediatrician and a flight surgeon, and was in the midst of a promising career. But, it was a head injury from a plane crash that changed the course of her life. As she went through her recovery, she found herself in a rather absurd situation: she kept a duck as a pet and had a newfound obsession with the color orange. Now, she's a hot mess with a love for ducks and orange, and pancakes. But Amanda wouldn't change a thing. After all, it was the circumstances that ultimately led her to where she is now: happy and fulfilled.

Rise to Fame

It was an absurd journey for Amanda Zeine from pediatrician and flight surgeon to a hot mess with a love for ducks and oranges. After a severe brain injury and long road to recovery, Zeine found herself without a career or a real sense of purpose in her life.

That's when the ducks and oranges came in. It all began when Zeine adopted a duck named Orange (yes, the same color as the fruit). She quickly became a passionate defender of the rights of ducks and other wild animals, leading to her founding of the Duck Rescue and Rehabilitation Society.

But it didn't stop there. Her newfound passion for orange (the color) and ducks led her to discover her true calling in life — pancakes. Amanda created the 'Orange Duck Flapjack Company', which specializes in pancakes made with oranges, duck eggs, and other natural ingredients.

As Amanda's business gained traction, she gained the attention of food experts and media outlets. She soon became known as a pioneer in the vegan and organic food movement.

Amanda is now recognized as an advocate for the protection of ducks and other wild animals and an inspiring story of recovery and success. Despite her hot mess beginnings, Amanda is now inspiring people to love orange and respect ducks — all while enjoying a delicious pancake!

The Ducks and Orange

When Amanda Zeine got a brain injury and her recovery seemed at a standstill, the last thing she expected was for her newfound affinity for all things ducks and oranges to take off, but take off it did! From orange ducks on her bedsheets to a weekly pancake breakfast involving at least 4 types of orange duck-shaped pancakes, it's impossible to ignore the absurdity of the situation. So it's no wonder that Amanda had people calling her a hot mess for a few months there! But she persevered, and it all came together. Now that she's recovered, Amanda often talks about how the ducks and oranges helped her get through her toughest times, and we're all here for it!

Hot Mess Status

Amanda Zeine’s life changed radically when, in the course of doing her job as flight surgeon, she suffered a brain injury. After a long and arduous recovery, Amanda was left with an absurd love for ducks and orange, and a newfound appreciation for pancakes. The former pediatrician and flight surgeon found herself in a bit of a “hot mess” status, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Amanda has since embraced her new identity, and uses it as an inspiration to help others. She still enjoys the occasional duck and her beloved pancakes, but she also has been able to use her newfound “hot mess” status for the greater good.

Current Lifestyle

When Amanda Zeine left her role as a pediatrician and flight surgeon, she did not expect to become a hot mess with a love for ducks and orange. But that’s exactly what happened.

After suffering a traumatic brain injury and concussion, Amanda was left with little to no control over her daily life. She felt lost and confused, unable to remember her past life as a medical professional. All she wanted to do was eat pancakes and take care of ducks.

So, as she begins her recovery, Amanda has embraced a new lifestyle that includes a bit of silliness. She loves feeding ducks, playing with orange gooey toys, and drinking orange juice. She spends her days shopping for food, discovering new ducks, and of course, eating pancakes!

She loves the absurd moments of life, and is always finding ways to bring more joy and laughter into her day. From stumbling upon a silly hat to getting out in nature, Amanda finds ways to bring joy and laughter into her life, no matter what her current situation may be.

Life can be quite chaotic for Amanda, but it’s also quite full of life. She is determined to make the best of recovering from her brain injury and concussion, and is learning to appreciate all the simple moments that make life so great. Ducks, orange, and pancakes are at the forefront of her days; and if that’s not enough to make you smile, what is?

Life as a Hot Mess

Amanda Zeine was on top of the world; a respected pediatrician, flight surgeon, and all-around superstar, her life seemed ideal. Until one day, a minor brain injury completely changed her outlook on life.

As her recovery began, Amanda no longer felt the same drive and ambition she’d previously had. She slowly began to realize that the life she’d been living was not the life she wanted to be living. That’s when the idea of being a hot mess became her new goal.

Amanda started making some absurd life changes; instead of going to the office each morning, she pursued her childhood dream of learning to fly a plane. Along with that, she also began to take on a more quirky side, including taking a particular interest in ducks and a newfound obsession with the color orange.

She gave away all of her suits and replaced them with bright orange t-shirts and a collection of duck-themed accessories. She was determined to make the most out of her new life and that included making some tough decisions.

The toughest of these was the decision to give up her job as a pediatrician and flight surgeon. Once the initial shock had died down, Amanda felt the freedom of walking away from her old life, and embracing her new one.

Rather than try to go back to her former life, Amanda decided to focus on being a true hot mess. She got a job at a local café, where she serves up pancakes and sunshine to all the customers who come in.

Though things may be a bit different now, Amanda is still as strong as ever. She has embraced her life as a hot mess, and isn’t afraid to tell the world how it is. With her orange obsession and duck love, Amanda is sure to inspire many other hot messes all over the world.

The Bizarre Duck-Orange Fling

Before Amanda Zeine became the infamous 'Hot Mess with a love for ducks and oranges,' she was a pediatrician and flight surgeon to the stars. Working with some of the top brains in the medical field, she helped countless individuals recover from traumatic brain injuries and concussions, becoming quite the expert in the field. But then one day, an absurd duck-orange fling changed it all. After being struck on the head with a flying orange, her life was never the same. She left the medical field behind and now spends her days trying to perfect the art of making pancakes for her beloved ducks. It's safe to say that Amanda's strange duck-orange fling was the beginning of a wild ride, and the world will never be the same.


Amanda Zeine's journey has been truly remarkable. From being a top pediatrician and flight surgeon, to being a hot mess with a love for ducks and orange, her story is one of courage, resilience and strength of character. Despite suffering a traumatic brain injury due to a concussion, she was able to make a remarkable recovery, regaining her sense of humor, her love for animals and her passion for pancakes.

Amanda Zeine is a shining example that with the right amount of determination and a good sense of humor, anyone can overcome adversity, no matter how absurd. We can all learn a lesson from her story, that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always a way to come out the other side with a smile and a renewed sense of purpose.

So if you ever find yourself in a hot mess like Amanda, don't despair and give up, just remember to duck, don the orange and get ready for those pancakes!


What an incredible journey it has been for Amanda Zeine, from a highly respected pediatrician and flight surgeon, to a hot mess with a unique love for ducks and orange! Even we have to admit, we've never seen something quite like this before. Despite the criticism and concerns from her family, friends and fans, Amanda decided to follow her own path, ultimately leading her to a lifestyle of happiness and contentment that is truly her own.

It's fascinating to look at the events that have unfolded in Amanda's life over the last few years. She has seen her share of hardships and struggles, but she never gave up. Now, all those hardships have finally paid off and she is living out her life with a newfound freedom and joy. Her impressive resilience and determination have left a lasting impression in everyone's mind.

Although Amanda's unorthodox approach has raised a few eyebrows, she has also earned our respect and admiration. From her unique combination of medical career, hot mess status and love for ducks and orange, Amanda has proved to us all that anything is possible if you truly commit and believe in yourself.

So, here's to Amanda Zeine, a shining example of resilience, courage and the power of believing in yourself. If she can make it, so can you!