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Jan. 2, 2023

Pizzoccheri, Donkey Rides, And Sweater Vests: An Epic Adventure With Legendary Health Coach Jonathan McLernon

Pizzoccheri, Donkey Rides, And Sweater Vests: An Epic Adventure With Legendary Health Coach Jonathan McLernon


Adventure and exploration have played a critical role in the life of Jonathan McLernon. From becoming a master health coach, to travelling the world from Australia to Canada, to podcast hosting, and even a donkey ride through the mountains, Jonathan has been a character of legend. This is his incredible story about pizzoccheri, sweater vests and mastering a life filled with adventure.

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Early Life

Jonathan McLernon, the legendary health coach, podcaster, and world traveler, can trace the roots of his adventurous spirit all the way back to his childhood. Born in Australia, Jonathan spent his early life exploring the wide open outdoors, discovering new places and learning about the world around him. He was particularly intrigued by the Italian culture that his Italian-born parents imparted on him, and was particularly attracted to pizzoccheri, a type of Italian noodle dish that is still a favorite to this day.

As a young man, Jonathan began to develop his passion for exploration. At age 18, he set off on his first big adventure, traveling to Canada with the sole intention of riding a donkey. While there, he explored the beautiful Canadian wilderness, but it was the donkey ride – and the purchase of his signature sweater vest – that really made the journey. From then on, he vowed to always search for the unexpected in his travels.

In the years that followed, Jonathan traveled the globe, visiting dozens of countries and experiencing unique cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. He made sure to embrace each new culture he encountered and took the time to learn more about their traditions. In particular, Jonathan found himself drawn to the culinary culture of the countries he visited, sampling dishes from all over the world and developing a deep appreciation for the beauty of the world's many cultures.

Today, Jonathan's daring spirit remains as strong as ever. As a renowned health coach and podcaster, he continues to explore the world, challenging himself to make new discoveries and learn as much as he can. On his travels, he takes time to enjoy the simple moments, like sipping on espresso in Italy, or riding a donkey in Canada. It's these moments, Jonathan believes, that make exploration so special.



Jonathan McLernon is living his dream. The legendary health coach, podcaster, and traveler has seen it all – from Australian beaches to Canadian mountains – and everywhere in between.


And it all started through his passion for health. Jonathan was naturally drawn to healthy living practices and soon found himself teaching what he loved to people all over the world. He coached individuals and groups in locales as diverse as Italy and England, where he particularly fell in love with the flavor of Pizzoccheri and the sight of adorable donkeys trotting through the streets.


But it was in Canada, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, that his career really took off. He soon established a successful health coaching business and a popular podcast, where he shared his wisdom and adventures with eager listeners. From there, he continued to travel, inspiring thousands of people in the process.


He especially loved the warmth and hospitality of the people he encountered. Everywhere he went, someone was there to greet him with open arms and a kind word. He always made sure to take with him a few cozy sweater vests, which he fondly remembers as the emblem of his travels.


Jonathan McLernon has truly forged an incredible career in travel and health. He’s a living legend, and there’s no telling where his next adventure will take him!

Nutritionist and Master Health Coach


When it comes to global health and wellness, few people have earned the title of “legendary” more than Jonathan McLernon, nutritionist and master health coach.


Famed for his willingness to travel anywhere, Jonathan has explored countless corners of the globe, from the high Himalayas of India to the icy Arctic circle of Canada. His most ambitious journey yet, however, was a truly epic adventure that began in his native Australia, continued on to Switzerland, and eventually looped back to his homeland.


The entire trip could best be described as an experience of the culinary, the cultural, and the comical. In Switzerland, for instance, Jonathan enjoyed the local specialty of pizzoccheri (a unique dish made with potatoes, cheese, and cabbage) while riding a donkey. And throughout the entire tour, Jonathan was seen sporting a variety of sweater vests, which created a running theme to his visits.


No matter where he went, Jonathan’s mission was the same: to bring health and wellness to the masses. As a master health coach, Jonathan shared his knowledge and experience with people from all walks of life, whether they wanted to lose weight or learn more about healthy eating habits.


His wise words have also been heard on his popular podcast, Between The Before & After, which has been praised for its insightful interviews and inspiring stories. For those wanting more of Jonathan’s wisdom, he regularly offers practical tips and advice on his social media pages and blog, 'Half-True Biographies: The Stories That AI Wrote'


From his travels around the world to his passionate pursuit of wellness, it’s easy to see why Jonathan McLernon has earned the title “legendary.” His epic adventure with pizzoccheri, donkey rides, and sweater vests is one of many stories that make him an inspiration for anyone looking to improve their health.

World Traveller

There are few people in the world who have traveled as extensively as legendary health coach and podcaster Jonathan McLernon. From the sun-drenched beaches of Australia to the icy climes of Canada, McLernon has done it all – and he’s got the sweater vests to prove it!

Recently, I had the chance to join McLernon on an epic trip around the world. Our journey began in the Italian commune of Venda where we enjoyed a hearty plate of traditional pizzoccheri, a dish of buckwheat pasta and potatoes served with cheese, garlic and butter. After recharging our spirits with a savory feast, we moved on to our next destination – a ride on a donkey in the Australian outback.

To properly prepare for our Australian adventure, McLernon donned his signature sweater vest and set off on the back of an old donkey. Amidst the bushland and kangaroos, we had the perfect opportunity to chat about the secrets of health and wellness. What could be more perfect than that?

When we ran out of donkey to ride, we decided to take a jaunt to the Canadian Rockies. Here, we had the chance to marvel at the beauty of nature and take in the magnificent sights of the jagged peaks – all while McLernon continued to don his signature sweater vest, of course.

Travelling with McLernon was an absolute pleasure and adventure. It’s a testament to his passion and enthusiasm for health, wellness and travel that have made him a legendary figure within the industry. So next time you’re planning a trip, be sure to bring along your trusty sweater vest – you never know what kind of adventure awaits!

Podcast Host

When it comes to epic adventures, it doesn't get much better than the recent journey of legendary health coach Jonathan McLernon! Jonathan, who is also the host of the hugely popular podcast 'The McLernon Experience', recently embarked on an incredible journey through Australia, Canada and Italy, exploring the world and interviewing people along the way.

From eating pizzoccheri in the shadow of the Italian Alps to riding a donkey around the breathtaking Australian outback, Jonathan had the time of his life during his incredible journey. Not to mention the fact that he made sure to take the time to visit some of the locals, trying their favorite activities and learning more about the culture and people of each country.

But the highlight of Jonathan's journey was his visit to the small Italian village of Morcote. Here, Jonathan stayed with a friendly family who welcomed him warmly and even provided Jonathan with his very own authentic Morcote sweater vest! But it wasn't all sightseeing, because Jonathan also took the time to really get to know the people who lived in the village. He even had the chance to interview some inspiring local entrepreneurs about their experience in business and life.

All in all, Jonathan's journey was nothing short of epic! Despite the long distances and some difficult terrain, Jonathan stayed focused on his mission and had a blast discovering new cultures and interacting with the locals. We can't wait to see what kind of amazing stories Jonathan comes back with from his next big adventure!

Marriage to Michelle

It’s easy to imagine the legendary health coach and podcaster Jonathan McLernon hopping from country to country, soaking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of places all around the globe. But what about his most epic adventure to date—the one that brought him and his wife, Michelle, to Australia, Canada, and Italy in a whirlwind three-week-long tour?

It all started in Australia, where Jonathan and Michelle embarked on a journey to uncover the secrets of the country’s legendary health foods, from kangaroo to wild-caught seafood. During the adventure, they adopted an orphaned donkey they named ‘Happy’ who they rode around the outback. Then it was off to Canada, where they sampled some of the country’s finest dishes, including Montreal’s famous smoked meat.

But the highlight of the entire trip was their trip to Italy, where they tasted the classic Tuscan dish, pizocceri, on the Amalfi Coast. The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner at one of the local restaurants overlooking the Mediterranean Sea—all while wearing a matching set of sweater vests (Jonathan’s idea, of course!).

After three exciting weeks of traveling, Jonathan and Michelle returned home to tie the knot. It was only fitting that the couple’s marriage would be the ultimate adventure of their lifetime; an adventure that was full of flavor and heart.

A Life of Adventure

They say life is an adventure, and that couldn’t be truer for health coach Jonathan McLernon. After leaving his hometown of Chicago, McLernon has traveled the world, seeking out new thrills and experiences at every turn. From eating his way through Italy’s Piedmont region to conquering Australia’s offshore reefs, and even taking a ride on a donkey in Canada’s Laurentian Mountains, McLernon’s journey has been nothing short of legendary.

What’s more, McLernon isn’t just a traveler - he’s also a health coach, podcaster, and self-proclaimed “sweater vest enthusiast”! On any given day, you’ll find him exploring local markets, trying new recipes, or scouting out the best places to train. With his unique combination of skills, McLernon has earned the reputation of being an adventurous health guru.

When McLernon visited Piedmont, Italy, he was in for a treat. Known for its legendary dish, Pizzoccheri, McLernon gave it a try and was instantly hooked. He spent days touring the region, stopping at local bars and restaurants to sample some of the best pizza around. It was here that McLernon discovered his love for food and began cooking his own recipes, combining fresh ingredients with bold flavors. Since then, he’s been using his newfound culinary knowledge to teach others how to lead healthier lives.

On the other side of the world, McLernon explored Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving and swimming through the colorful coral gardens. He also took a trip to Canada’s Laurentian Mountains, where he rode a donkey and experienced the region’s beautiful scenery. None of this would be complete without a trusty sweater vest, of course! McLernon’s signature style has become a signature of his travels, as he’s regularly spotted in his favorite garment.

The unique experiences of Jonathan McLernon have made him a legendary figure in the world of health and wellness. His passion for travel, cooking, and exploring the world around him have inspired countless others to live life to the fullest. Be sure to check out his podcast for more stories from his incredible journey.

Donkey Rides in Italy

When legendary health coach Jonathan McLernon set out on his journey to Italy, he was determined to explore the country far beyond the tourist traps. He was looking for the unique experiences Italy has to offer and, most of all, to eat as much delicious pizzoccheri as he could.

What he didn't expect was to be on the receiving end of a donkey ride!

It all started when he was visiting a local village. As Jonathan was wandering through the streets, he noticed a group of locals in brightly colored sweater vests leading a donkey down the street. At first, he thought nothing of it but then he noticed them heading in his direction. Before he knew it, he was being offered a ride on the donkey!

Needless to say, Jonathan couldn't turn down this delightful opportunity. So he hopped on the donkey, and off they went!

The ride through the cobblestone streets of the village was unlike anything Jonathan had ever experienced – he loved it! He waved to the locals as they passed, and they waved back with a hearty 'Ciao!' The donkey meandered leisurely through the winding village, carrying Jonathan and his sweater vest to the outskirts of town. There, Jonathan said his goodbyes and gave his new donkey friend a good scratch behind the ears.

And of course, what better way to end the ride than with a bowl of delicious pizzoccheri? Yes, Jonathan savored every bite of the unique Italian dish, content in knowing that he had experienced something that he wouldn't be able to find in Australia or Canada.

So, the next time you travel to Italy, keep your eyes peeled for a group of locals offering up a donkey ride. You never know what kind of adventure you may find!

Flip Flops and Sweater Vests

When legendary health coach Jonathan McLernon set out on an epic adventure to travel from Australia to Canada in flip-flops and a sweater vest, few people expected it to end in such an unlikely fashion. The journey began when Jonathan found inspiration for his mission - a chance to raise awareness about holistic health, inspire countless others, and make the world a little bit better - by listening to a podcast by fellow health coach and podcaster.

Armed with nothing more than a bag of supplies, some flip-flops, and a sweater vest, Jonathan set out on his epic journey. He first visited Italy where he enjoyed the world-famous regional dish of pizzoccheri and even took a donkey ride along the Mediterranean coastline. Next, he ventured off to the Peruvian jungle and the Amazon Rainforest where he got to experience the beauty and wonders of the rainforest first-hand.

One of the most memorable highlights of the journey came when Jonathan decided to venture off the beaten path and explore a tiny, remote village in the Belgian countryside. There, he was welcomed with open arms by the locals who were eager to show off their secret recipe for making the local delicacy - sweater vests. Jonathan was so moved by their hospitality that he decided to stay and learn more about the village’s traditions and customs.

Finally, after experiencing all that the world had to offer, Jonathan arrived in Canada and completed his epic journey after just under a year on the road. While there, he appeared on numerous podcasts and made appearances on various news outlets to share his story and inspire countless others with his tale of adventure. He also authored a book entitled ‘Flip Flops and Sweater Vests: An Epic Adventure with Legendary Health Coach Jonathan McLernon’, which quickly became a best-seller and has been translated into multiple languages.

Jonathan’s journey truly serves as an inspiration to us all, and shows us that with a bit of courage and a lot of determination, anything is possible. His story has resonated with people all over the world, and serves as a reminder that no matter where you come from, you can make your dreams a reality.

Favorite Food: Pizzoccheri

Welcome to the world of Jonathan McLernon, legendary health coach and popular podcaster. His mission is simple – travel the world and eat the best food out there. And that is what brings us to the focus of our discussion today – Jonathan’s favorite food: Pizzoccheri.

Pizzoccheri is a Northern Italian dish originating in the Valtellina region. It consists of flat ribbon-shaped pasta, potatoes, cheese, and cabbage, all of which is then boiled and served with melted butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

Jonathan’s journey with Pizzoccheri began in Australia where he sampled the dish at a local restaurant. He then traveled to Canada to indulge in some more delicious Pizzoccheri. On the way, he found himself riding on a donkey in the middle of a forest, wearing a proper sweater vest.

The experience was beyond words. From the mountains, to the donkey rides, to the lip-smacking Pizzoccheri, everything was an adventure of its own. The best part was that Jonathan was able to enjoy the dish while respecting its traditional preparation and ingredients.

Jonathan also shared his culinary adventures on his podcast and through his blog, spreading the word about Pizzoccheri and its deliciousness across the world.

This is just one of the many adventures that Jonathan has taken. He continues to travel the world in search of the most mouth-watering dishes and has even become an unofficial ambassador for the Valtellina region, where Pizzoccheri originated.

So, next time you’re in Valtellina, make sure to try out some Pizzoccheri. You won’t regret it! Jonathan’s experience is a testament to that.


From the charming smile to his flip flops and sweater vests, Jonathan McLernon is nothing less than an inspiring man. In his humble and unassuming way, his life is an epic adventure and he is truly legendary in the health coaching world. Travelling the world with his beautiful wife Michelle and their two sweet donkeys, he has become an extraordinary source of knowledge and motivation. For proof, just take a bite of his favorite dish - Pizzoccheri - and you'll be transported to another world.

Jonathan is a shining example of what life can be when you are passionate, curious, and willing to take risks. His inspiring journey of being an early adopter in the health industry and a master health coach to celebrating his marriage with Michelle and donkey rides in Italy gives us a glimpse into a life filled with adventure, laughter, and good health.

For Jonathan and Michelle, there's no such thing as an ordinary life. It's all about living with a passion for adventure, discovering new opportunities, and having plenty of pizzoccheri along the way.