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Feb. 7, 2023

Suede Shoes, Miniature Donkeys, And Property Empires: Jas Takhar's Incredible Story

Suede Shoes, Miniature Donkeys, And Property Empires: Jas Takhar's Incredible Story


Jas Takhar is an extraordinary self-made entrepreneur whose story is as much a lesson in resilience as it is in business. From humble beginnings as the son of Indian immigrants in Toronto, he began as a real estate agent and evolved this passion into a thriving media empire that includes a podcast, a line of suede shoes, and even a miniature donkey farm. This is the incredible story of a man who has become a rags-to-riches success, and a role model for anyone who dreams big!

Jas Takhar is a fascinating figure in the Toronto real estate world. Best known for his media empire and popular podcast, Jas has added a few unexpected passions to his resume - miniature donkeys and suede shoes.

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Born and raised in Ontario, Jas has been living in Toronto for the last decade and has been a force in the city’s property market for the past four years. He got his start in property investment when his family bought a property in India, and from then on he was hooked. Now, Jas is a successful property investor with a portfolio of properties in Toronto and surrounding areas, as well as investments in the US and India.


But just as Jas is passionate about real estate, he is equally passionate about other hobbies. He loves trying new Indian food, shopping for tweed and suede shoes, and even breeding miniature donkeys.

“I love miniature donkeys because they’re so cute and friendly,” explains Jas. “I love to dress them up in cute outfits and give them hilarious names - like my donkey, Bananas!”

Jas’s passion for donkeys and his love of fashion are just some of the elements that make him one of Toronto’s most unique real estate moguls. With his incredible success and unique approach to life, he is surely an inspiration to anyone who is looking to make their mark in real estate.

Early Years

Jas Takhar's story is one for the ages, with an unlikely path to success involving suede shoes, miniature donkeys, and a real estate empire that spans the globe. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Jas had a love affair with media, podcasting, and all things related to business early on and quickly set out to make his mark on the world.

Growing up, Jas was fascinated by India, Indian food, and the culture. He had a love of travel and was able to visit the country multiple times during his childhood, sparking his interest in business and entrepreneurship. He even started his own business selling homemade Indian sweets and some tweed jackets for a short time.

For most of his young adult life, Jas was focused on furthering his education and working in the media, podcasting, and developing his real estate portfolio. As he continued to take on more projects, his real estate empire slowly started taking shape. Within a few years, Jas was able to purchase his first property in Toronto and since then, he has expanded his business to include commercial and residential properties in North America, Europe, Asia, and India.

In addition to his real estate ventures, Jas has also taken on some unique side-hustles such as selling suede shoes, miniature donkeys, and even bananas. Yes, you read that right - he was even selling bananas in Toronto for a brief period.

Needless to say, Jas has had a wild and wonderful journey and has only continued to grow and expand his business over the years. With a combination of determination, hard work, and a bit of craziness, Jas has become a global force in the real estate world and shows no signs of slowing down.

Starting His Career in Real Estate

Jas Takhar has a story that’s sure to captivate audiences. Growing up in Toronto, he started his career in real estate at the tender age of 19 and quickly made a name for himself as one of the top brokers in the city. But, it wasn’t just a knack for understanding numbers that helped him become successful—it was his passion for media and podcasting that led to his success.

After a few years in the Toronto real estate market, Jas decided to leverage his knowledge of media and real estate and expand into new markets—namely India. He’s since gone on to become a major player in the Indian real estate market and is now a highly sought-after speaker, advisor, and media personality.

Despite his success in real estate, Jas Takhar is no one-trick pony. He’s also a staunch advocate for animal welfare, investing in miniature donkeys to help bring attention to the plight of these small animals. He’s also an avid collector of vintage clothing, particularly tweed and suede pieces.

In addition to his real estate and media work, Jas is also a passionate foodie—particular of Indian cuisine. He’s a frequent guest on Indian cooking shows, where he puts his own twist on traditional dishes. What’s more, he’s even opened a few small vegan cafes in Toronto that serve up dishes like chickpea curry and banana-coconut pancakes.

Jas Takhar is truly a man of many talents—from real estate mogul to media star to animal lover and food connoisseur. He's an inspiring story that proves that anything is possible if you have the drive and passion to pursue it.

Finding the Right Niche

What do a pair of suede shoes, miniature donkeys, and property empires have in common? Ask Jas Takhar and he’ll tell you they’re all part of his incredible story. From real estate entrepreneur in Toronto to media maven with a podcast in India and a taste for tweed and bananas, Jas has carved out an impressive niche.

It all started in Toronto, where Jas began making his mark in the real estate industry. He quickly found success, developing properties in the city and investing in projects such as the Next Level series.

Jas’s success in Toronto led him to India, where he began a new venture in media, launching a popular podcast that discusses trends in business and culture. Throughout, Jas has maintained his passion for fashion and luxury, embracing a unique style he calls “urban-luxe”.

Not content to simply settle into the business of real estate and media, Jas has branched out into a myriad of other interests. He has a long-standing love of miniature donkeys, owning a pair of the animals in India and visiting donkey sanctuaries whenever he travels.

Jas has also embraced the “vegetarian way”, and has become a passionate advocate of Indian cuisine, hosting pop-up meals and exploring traditional recipes. He’s a big fan of tweed and suede, the perfect complements to his signature style.

And, in the spirit of his passion for animals, he’s even become an advocate for the ethical treatment of bananas, taking a stand against over-harvesting and mistreatment of the fruit.

Jas Takhar’s story is truly an inspiring one– a testament to the power of finding your niche and making the most of it. From real estate to media to fashion to miniature donkeys, Jas has found success through his unique approach to life and his deep commitment to the things he loves.

Building His Empire

Jas Takhar, who hails from the lands of India, emerged from an unlikely history to become one of the most successful real estate investors and media personalities in Toronto, Canada. After migrating from his home country in the early 2000s, Jas found himself becoming increasingly invested in the city's real estate market.

What began as a small investment in rental properties on the side quickly transformed into a full-fledged career as he furthered his education in the field. Jas's time was split between working alongside a mentor and attending various real estate seminars. He soon became a regular on the scene, recognized by many as 'the guy who knows real estate'.

Alongside his professional pursuits, Jas started a popular podcast discussing Toronto's real estate market. He also began to appear regularly on television and radio shows. However, his biggest accomplishment was his successful creation of a real estate empire which attracted the attention of many investors and the media in general.

Despite his newfound success and the luxurious lifestyle that it brought, Jas never forgot his roots. He has been an avid advocate of Indian culture and cuisine, and has worked tirelessly to promote it in Toronto. He regularly hosts events and dinners introducing locals to the famed cuisine of his home country.

In addition to sharing his passion for Indian culture, Jas also likes to indulge in some of the more unusual hobbies. One of his favourites is to keep miniature donkeys as pets, which he affectionately calls 'little mules'. He also enjoys collecting leather and tweed jackets, as well as the occasional banana.

Jas Takhar's story is truly remarkable. From his humble beginnings in India to becoming a successful investor in Toronto's real estate market, Jas has achieved what most can only dream of. With his determination, commitment, and passion for culture, Jas is a living example of what can be achieved when passion and hard work come together.

Acquiring Property


With a passion for real estate and a knack for business, Toronto-based entrepreneur Jas Takhar has managed to create a multifaceted property empire over the past few years. From the purchase of his first two-bedroom condo in Toronto to his recent success podcasting about the world of real estate, Jas has had a remarkable journey.


In 2006, Jas left India to study at the University of Toronto. He quickly noticed a rising trend in property prices and took the opportunity to purchase his first property. It was a two-bedroom condo in Toronto, and Jas quickly realized his love for real estate. He went on to purchase several more properties over the years and eventually put together an empire that included commercial and industrial buildings.


As his real estate portfolio grew, Jas began to explore other opportunities within the industry. In 2017 he became a regular contributor to several media outlets and wrote extensively on the topic of real estate and investing. He also launched his own podcast, Real Estate Life with Jas Takhar, where he shared his insights and advice on the real estate market. Jas even developed a blog, where he detailed his real estate journey and offered tips and tricks for those looking to get into the business.


Jas' real estate success has also rubbed off on his other passions. After discovering his love for Indian food, he opened a restaurant that quickly became popular among Torontonians. Not one to let his successes go to waste, Jas then used his profits to purchase miniature donkeys. Of course, he also has an affinity for fashion, and he has developed his own range of suede and tweed shoes that are popular among his fans.


Jas Takhar is an inspiring example of how anyone can make their dreams a reality with a little bit of hard work and dedication. His story is proof that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. From real estate empires to miniature donkeys and banana-scented tweed, Jas has truly achieved the impossible.

Investing in Miniature Donkeys

Jas Takhar has been making headlines lately for his incredible success in the investment and real estate world. But what many don't know is that the Toronto-based entrepreneur has also spent time investing in one of the more unusual assets out there: miniature donkeys.

The investment story of Jas Takhar began in India, where he had grown up eating Indian food, learning English, and watching the latest films. After completing a degree in hospitality management and business, Takhar moved to the United States to pursue a career in media and podcasting.

But it was during a trip to visit family in India that he found himself with a batch of miniature donkeys, which he thought could turn into a profitable enterprise. Takhar invested in some of the cutest, most docile and friendly donkeys he could find and shipped them back to Toronto.

Now, Takhar is perhaps best known for his growing herd of miniature donkeys, and the stylish wardrobe he has designed for them. He shops for them at thrift stores and antique shops, picking out tweeds, suedes and other fabrics for them to wear. He admits that he has picked up a few bananas for his pets on occasion, too.

When asked how he went from real estate to miniature donkeys, Takhar remarks, 'I think they all fit together in some strange way. It's all about investing and taking risks, just in different ways. The miniature donkeys have proven to be a great investment, not just in terms of money but also in terms of the joy they bring me and my family.'

Takhar's story is an inspiring example of how following your dreams and taking risks can lead to success, no matter what shape that success takes. Whether you're interested in real estate, media, or miniature donkeys, investing in yourself and taking risks can pay off in unexpected ways.

Launching His Suede Shoes Line

When it comes to style, Jas Takhar knows a thing or two. From his sharply tailored suits to his love of tweed and miniature donkeys, the Toronto-based real estate mogul is considered a fashion icon in North America. But, Takhar's newest endeavor, launching his own line of suede shoes, will be his most daring yet.

Growing up in India, Takhar developed an appreciation for traditional Indian fabrics and designs, which eventually influenced his style. 'Suede, in particular, is a fabric which I have always enjoyed wearing,' Takhar explains. 'I wanted to capture the richness of Indian design, while adding my own creative flair.'

Takhar sources luxurious fabrics from the finest German and Italian mills, including hand-knit wools, silks, and mohairs. He also uses unique treatments like reversing the fabrics to create unique and unexpected textural contrasts. The shoes are then handmade in India, by a team of cobblers who use centuries-old techniques.

He also emphasizes comfort and durability. 'My shoes are designed to last,' Takhar explains. 'I use the best materials and construction methods, so that the shoes will not only look great, but will also last for years to come.'

When it comes to promotion, Takhar knows the power of the media. He runs a popular podcast, the Jas Takhar Show, which covers everything from real estate investing to Indian food. He also uses his social media channels to promote his new shoes. 'I believe in building a personal connection with my customers,' he says.

Takhar likes to put a humorous spin on his marketing messages. For example, he recently posted a picture of himself wearing his suede shoes and holding a banana, with the caption 'Bananas are the perfect complement to suede shoes'. His wry sense of humor has won him a devoted following of fans.

With his signature style and witty marketing messages, Jas Takhar is sure to be a success in the fashion world. From Toronto to India, his suede shoes are sure to be a hit.

Giving Back to the Community

When it comes to Toronto’s real estate mogul Jas Takhar, his story is unparalleled in its unique and ambitious details. Insatiably curious, Takhar used his ingenuity to build a sprawling empire of properties in and around the city. But it’s not the professional success that he’s most proud of; Takhar is giving back to the community in a big way.

Some of the ways that Takhar has stepped up for the residents of Toronto include introducing an innovative podcast about affordable housing and redeveloping dilapidated Indian restaurants in the city. He’s also opened a shop in the heart of downtown Toronto that specializes in miniature donkeys and elegant suede and tweed shoes. Those shoes are becoming a hit—and not just in the city. Takhar recently announced that he’ll be donating bananas to the people of India in the spirit of giving back to the country of his ancestors.

This philanthropy isn’t limited to the country of India, however. Takhar is always looking for new ways to give back to the community, both on a local and global scale. His efforts have included launching a revolutionary media outlet focusing on real estate, creating scholarship funds for students of color, and donating miniature donkeys to animal sanctuaries around the world.

No matter what the project, Takhar is always looking for ways to improve the city of Toronto and to make the world a better place. His generous giving and unyielding ambition inspire us all to make our mark on the world and to push boundaries in ways we hadn’t previously considered. It’s a story that we can all learn from and be proud of.