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Feb. 28, 2023

A shocking childhood made suicide feel like the only way out, until C…

In an unexpected twist, the floodgates opened, and Chris poured out his heart, sharing the raw, unfiltered truth about his childhood, and how that led him to nearly committing suicide. Here's how he dug his way out from that dark …

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Feb. 14, 2023

Before he was Vinnie P - a chaotic backdrop before becoming famous

As the oldest of 4 kids, Vinnie was a "troublemaker". Really, underneath this was an intense curiosity to understand the world. When family life took a dramatic turn for the worse, Vinnie was forced to grow up faster than intended, …

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Feb. 7, 2023

Jas Takhar: My father, my hero and the foundation for my success

Toronto native, Jas Takhar, is the son of hard working immigrants. After seeing their work ethic, he decided that he wanted to make a bigger impact, and become an entrepreneur.

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Dec. 27, 2022

From College Dropout to Podcasting Pro

To those who know Alex Sanfilippo, he is synonymous with Podcasting, having founding PodPros and their flagship software called PODMATCH. But, there's a lot of proverbial water under the bridge that gets overlooked, from his time as an aerospace executive, …

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Dec. 12, 2022

From "Hollywood's Biggest Loser" to Celebrity Entrepreneur

Clint Arthur, who went to high school with Robert Downy Jr., describes his past self as "The Biggest Loser in Hollywood". From that foundation, Clint build himself up to become a celebrity entrepreneur, connecting with some of the biggest names …

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Dec. 9, 2022

The "Later Life" - Jeff's roundabout journey into bodybuilding as a f…

A journey to Mexico re-ignited a passion for fitness. A failed marriage led down a rocky road to ultimately meeting and marrying the woman of his dreams, which then pushed him to pursue bodybuilding at the highest level.

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Nov. 29, 2022

Heaven's Bell: How does a CEO talk to children about dying?

Sherrie Barch is a first time author who wrote a children's story about death and dying (a child dying even). She calls it her COVID passion project. Sherrie Barch is the CEO of two Forbes’ ranked top executive search firms …

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Nov. 22, 2022

Desperate to heal: Betrayed by husband and family, Debi uncovers 3 gr…

Debi was betrayed, not once, but twice by loved ones. Desperate to heal from the gaping wounds this left behind, Debi realized that unhealed betrayals were impacting her health, work, and relationships., which led to 3 groundbreaking discoveries.

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Oct. 18, 2022

From Chronic Health Conditions to Motivational Speaker and Author

For years, Michael struggled with health issues made worse through addictions. From nearly dying to almost having his legs amputated, Michael has stared down some of the most challenging experiences life has to offer.

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Oct. 11, 2022

What does Zen Mean? Is it possible to be happy in 6 weeks?

“I chased happiness until it made me miserable" - Zahra Karsan. This set her on an exploration of self-analysis, positive psychology and neuroscience. The only thing that has made her happier than the techniques she created, as a result, is …

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Oct. 7, 2022

Abused Mafia child and homeless addict opens holistic treament center

John has gone through an incredible life transformation, from the stigma of childhood sexual abuse, homelessness and severe addiction to being a renowned addiction expert with 38 years of sobriety.

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Sept. 8, 2022

Nicky Billou: Christian Immigrant from the middle east becomes millio…

Nicky Billou came to Canada from Iran, and decided that he wanted to use his newfound freedom to transform his life, and the lives of many others. Nicky is a published author and highly successful podcast host, having interviewed the …

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June 14, 2022

From Tragedy to Triumph: Sheena's story of rebuilding after loss

To say Sheena is a remarkable woman feels like an understatement! After a tragic loss as a teenager and 10 years of struggling through depression and anxiety, she and her sister took a leap of faith and started their business …

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