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Jodi KlaristenfeldProfile Photo

Jodi Klaristenfeld


is the founder of FLRRiSH. She is
a mom to an adorable little girl who was born at 28 weeks due to a rare and life-threatening form of preeclampsia
and HELLP Syndrome. After
her daughter's
early birth, Jodi quickly discovered preemie moms and dads aren’t always given the support they need. As a result, she created FLRRiSH, a platform that
offers NICU parent education,
empowerment, support and resources to help families navigate this beautiful and challenging journey.
Jodi, her husband and her family live in NYC.

May 25, 2023

A rare medical condition, emergency C-section and a Preemie fights

Join us as we delve into an extraordinary narrative shared by our special guest, Jodi. She takes us through her remarkable journey of meeting her husband, experiencing pregnancy, and undergoing an emergency C-section birth.

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