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Jan. 10, 2023

From Fuscia Hats To Gourmet Mac & Cheese: Donna Tashjian's Transformative Journey

From Fuscia Hats To Gourmet Mac & Cheese: Donna Tashjian's Transformative Journey

Growing Up in the South

Donna Tashjian is an amazing, inspirational person! From growing up in the American South to becoming an international life coach and ordained minister, Donna has had a unique path and turned her baggage into her own luggage. Her journey has taken her much further than fuscia hats, coffee-snobbery and gourmet mac & cheese. In this article we will explore all the things Donna has accomplished and how she has faced risks and embraced change. Donna’s story is an incredible, high-energy testament to the power of taking risks and making the most of life’s opportunities. Join us as we discover more about Donna Tashjian, her journey from puppets to the pulpit, and her unlikely end-goal of becoming a fashion designer!

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The Journey to Fuscia Hats

Donna Tashjian is living proof that you can overcome your past and live your best life. Her transformative journey can be summed up as, “from fuscia hats to gourmet mac and cheese.” From a life filled with baggage, to one of freedom and adventure, Donna’s story is an inspiring one that is sure to inspire anyone stuck in a rut.

Many know Donna as a life coach and minister, but few know the journey she’s traveled to get her to this point. It started out with her wearing fuscia hats, puppets and groundhog costumes in order to make ends meet. As Donna put it, “It was a trial by fire. I was living the life of the starving artist, when I was actually a struggling entrepreneur.”

But those hats, puppets and groundhog costumes, as uncomfortable as they were, were her ticket to freedom. They opened doors to opportunities she never dreamed of, which eventually led to her finding her true calling.

Now Donna is a certified life coach and minister who not only helps her clients explore their baggage, but also find joy and freedom in the present. She’s also a gourmet mac and cheese chef, coffee snob and all-around fun-seeker.

No matter where you are on your life journey, Donna Tashjian’s story is one that will motivate you to keep going. Her journey from fuscia hats to gourmet mac and cheese is a testament to the power of transformation and possibility. The possibilities are endless—you just have to be brave enough to take the first step.

Making a Living off of Crafts

Donna Tashjian has come a long way from selling fuscia hats and groundhogs on the street corner. From her days as a life coach and minister, to becoming a puppeteer, coffee snob and gourmet mac and cheese connoisseur, Donna has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and found a way to make her living off of her creative pursuits. Freeing herself of the baggage and expectations of the past, Donna has successfully turned her creative passions into a viable business. Hear Donna tell you about her journey, and the power of letting yourself be open to new opportunities.

Exploring New Ventures

Donna Tashjian is an inspiring example of someone who was able to break out of her ordinary life and venture into a world of entrepreneurship. It all began when she decided to become a life coach, minister and bag designer. With the switch to these new professions on the horizon, she had to let go of her current job.

Not long after she embraced her new life, she moved away from her hometown, bought a house, started a business and became a leader in her community. Despite all the great things she had accomplished, Donna still felt that something was missing. At this point, she began to question what direction her life should go in and the answer came in the form of puppetry.

At first, she was hesitant to pursue use her new passion, but soon realized that it could be a great way to explore her creative side and express her feelings. Donna decided to take the plunge and make a name for herself as a puppeteer, even if it meant leaving her comfort zone behind.

When she started her business, she had no previous experience with puppets. However, she was determined to make a career out of it and take on the challenge with an open mind. With the help of her husband, who built the sets and constructed the puppets, Donna was able to follow through with her dream.

At first, Donna focused on creating traditional puppets like groundhogs and hats made out of fuscia. But once she gained momentum, she expanded her business to include coffees snob, gourmet mac and cheese, and other unique items.

Overall, Donna's journey from being an ordinary person to a successful entrepreneur was filled with a lot of hard work and dedication. After years of striving for her dreams, she was able to achieve her goals and help inspire others to do the same.

The Gourmet Mac & Cheese Company

When Donna Tashjian decided to leave her career as a minister and life coach and embark on her own unique journey, she had no idea it would lead her to the Gourmet Mac & Cheese Company. From making puppets and painting groundhogs to founding a company that creates the most delicious mac and cheese dishes, Donna has traveled a long road leaving her baggage and her fuscia hats behind. In her new role as a coffee snob and gourmet mac and cheese entrepreneur, Donna is living proof that the journey is the destination and that anything is possible.

Taking the Plunge and Going All In

If you had told Donna Tashjian five years ago that she would be a life coach, minister and spiritual puppeteer, she would have laughed. Back then she was a self-described 'baggage holder' who wore fuscia hats, was a coffee snob, and ate nothing but gourmet mac and cheese. But something inside her was pushing her to make a change. On a whim, she decided to take the plunge and go all in. She embraced the challenge of letting go of her 'baggage' and learning to be a life coach, minister and even a spiritual puppeteer. After a few years of trial and error, Donna is now living her dream. She has helped thousands of people break free from their 'groundhog day' lives and create meaningful, abundant lives. It's a story that proves that if you have the courage to take the plunge, anything is possible.

Advice from Donna

Donna Tashjian has had an incredible journey over the last few years. From fuscia hats to gourmet mac & cheese and beyond, she's truly seen and experienced it all. As a life coach, minister, and all-around inspiring leader, Donna is now offering her advice to the world. Here are her top tips for anyone looking to transform their life and realize their potential.

1 – Ditch the Baggage: The first step in Donna's transformative journey was to let go of the baggage that was holding her back. This can mean any type of emotional, physical, and mental baggage. Whether it's an old job that's not serving you, relationships that aren't healthy, or simply limiting beliefs you have about yourself, it's important to be aware of what may be holding you back and learn to let it go.

2 – Take up a Creative Hobby: Donna loves to make puppets, play the piano, and go groundhog searching. Doing something creative can be a great way to let off steam and relax. It can also help you express yourself and give you a sense of accomplishment. So get creative and find something that you enjoy!

3 – Try Something New: Whether it's wearing a fuscia hat, becoming a coffee snob, or learning how to make gourmet mac and cheese, try something new that allows you to explore and challenge yourself. You never know what you might discover.

With these tips, you'll be well on your way to embarking on your own transformative journey. So take the plunge and start living life to the fullest. After all, it's your life - why not make the most of it?

The Creation of Fuscia Hats

Donna Tashjian's creation of the iconic Fuscia hats was the first sign of her transformation. After years of being a life coach, minister, and coffee snob, Donna was inspired by her own baggage to create something new. At the suggestion of her puppet-making groundhog friends, Donna set out to craft and design the perfect hat - one that would eventually become known as the Fuscia hat. This vibrant, eye-catching accessory was an immediate hit, and soon people from all walks of life were sporting Donna's Fuscia hats. It was only after several successes with the Fuscia hats that Donna began to explore the world of gourmet mac and cheese – a move that helped transform her into the culinary superstar she is today.

Take Risks and Embrace Change

Donna Tashjian went from being a minister wearing fuscia hats to embracing the courage to take risks and recognizing the gift of change. Her journey wasn't an easy one as she had to face her own baggage and learn to let go of her “puppet strings.” However, it has been extremely rewarding. She expanded her horizons and embraced the world of gourmet mac and cheese, coffee snobbery and even groundhog keeping! From fuscia hats to gourmet mac and cheese, Donna Tashjian is here to share her story and inspire others to take risks and embrace change.

Fashion Career

'Donna Tashjian had an interesting journey that took her from being a budding fashionista to a minister, life coach and culinary connoisseur.

Her career in fashion started off as an assistant designer in Beverly Hills, creating all sorts of high-end clothing, including funky hats - some of them in extravagant colors like fuchsia. Friends, family and colleagues were amazed by her creative fashion sense and she quickly acquired the nickname “The Hat Lady.” But, despite her enthusiasm and skill, the workload became too much and Donna ultimately decided to pursue her passion for ministry.

There was always something that drew her to religion, something deeper than what she was feeling in the fashion industry. She registered for a theology program and quickly found her niche. Her newfound knowledge strengthened her desire to help people, something she had done since she was a young girl. After completing the program and earning a Master’s degree, Donna was ordained as a minister.

Throughout her ministry, Donna often found herself helping people who were struggling with personal issues. She provided individual counseling, leading to her becoming an official life coach. To get her clients to open up, Donna resorted to creative tactics, such as stacking up rocks to visualize the weight of their baggage. Sometimes she even brought out puppets, groundhogs, and hats to get her clients laughing and more relaxed.

After a few years as a life coach, Donna was feeling a bit stagnant and decided to take a break. She applied her creative talents to her culinary skills, something she had been into ever since she was a little girl. Donna liked to explore different flavors, so she enrolled in a culinary program and began to experiment with different dishes - even gourmet mac & cheese.

Donna's cooking went beyond just being a hobby, as she was able to make a living off of it. She started working at a local restaurant as a chef and quickly gained a reputation as a coffee snob - never settling for anything but the best.

Donna's career has brought her from one field to the next - from designer to minister, life coach to gourmet cook. Her cheery demeanor, creativity and passion for helping people has allowed her to make a successful transition from one field to the next. In the end, Donna's journey proves that with the right attitude, anything is possible.”


Donna Tashjian is an incredible example of someone who has taken risks and embraced change. From growing up in the South to launching the Gourmet Mac & Cheese Company, Donna has transformed her life into a powerful success story. She believes that taking risks and pushing boundaries can help us realize our goals and create a fulfilling life. Donna's journey is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and putting in the hard work. With her drive and determination, Donna is sure to continue to push boundaries and make waves in the fashion world with Fuscia Hats!