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July 18, 2022

Living With Kids In An RV: Reno Mom's Feisty Story Of Doula Resilience, Unicycle Stunts And Naked Karaoke

Living With Kids In An RV: Reno Mom's Feisty Story Of Doula Resilience, Unicycle Stunts And Naked Karaoke

About Jenn Taylor

Meet Reno resident Jenn Taylor. To the outside world, she may look like just another mother of 18 children living in an RV. But beneath the denim fashion and feisty attitude, she's so much more! A survivor, a birth doula and a karaoke enthusiast who just happens to love unicycle stunts and writing poetry, Jenn is an inspiration to all who meet her. Discover her extraordinary story of resilience and hard work as she shares lessons from RV living, balancing work and family life and so much more. This is a story you won't want to miss!

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Meet Reno mother-of-18, Jenn Taylor. At a glance, she appears to be your typical suburban mom, albeit one with an eccentric sense of fashion and an adventurous lifestyle. But beneath the surface lies a story of resilience and survival that has seen her and her family of 18 children travel the USA in an RV and live an unconventional lifestyle. As a survivor of abuse, mental illness and homelessness, Jenn has become a firm believer in the power of resilience to overcome any obstacle. This feisty Reno mom has been known to inhabit a range of roles, from doula to unicycle stunt double, as well as a regular at Reno's Naked Karaoke Club where she performs her own poetry. In short, Denim exemplifies the power and strength of the modern survivor.

Fitness Modeling Career

Fitness modeling is just one of many talents that this Reno mother of 18 children and proud survivor of the Reno lifestyle has acquired. For starters, this feisty mom of many can make an entrance with unicycle stunts and naked karaoke. On the more refined side of things, she is also a skilled poet, an experienced doula and a denim fashion connoisseur. Despite the challenges of RV living, this Reno mom has managed to carve out a successful fitness modeling career, while also making sure her 18 kids are well taken care of.

Jenn's Story

Meet Jenn, the Reno mom of 18 children and a formidable survivor. Jenn is a force to be reckoned with, an unstoppable force of nature, with a background in doula work, unicycle stunts, and a passion for naked karaoke. A feisty spirit with a penchant for denim fashion and poetry, Jenn uprooted her large family and moved them into an RV four years ago.

It all started when Jenn's youngest child was born and she found herself in a position of needing to drastically reduce her expenses. That's when the idea of RV living struck her - and so the whole family set off on an adventure.

Now, Jenn and her family live in a converted school bus they call 'the big yellow dream machine'. It's a snug fit, but they make it work. Jenn homeschools her children, and they all work together to keep their home and their lives in order.

While living in an RV with 18 children has its challenges, Jenn has been able to find creative solutions to her various dilemmas. From making homemade cleaning supplies out of common household items to inventing innovative methods to increase the RV's storage capacity, Jenn is determined to make it work.

It's not always easy, but Jenn remains surprisingly resilient. With her feisty spirit and her willingness to take risks, she keeps her family going through thick and thin. She's even managed to turn the RV living experience into something positive - it's given her family the opportunity to explore different places and make memories together.

When asked about her experience, Jenn's response is simple: 'I'm doing what needs to be done to make this work, and I'm having fun with it.' That's the spirit of resilience and tenacity that makes Jenn a true Reno mom.

Life with 18 Kids in an RV


When Jenn Taylor and her husband decided to live in an RV with their eighteen children, all that stood between them and a successful family, according to Jenn was “a little bit of feisty, a lot of resilience, and some unicycle stunts.” And that's exactly what she got.


Jenn and her family endured a lot of hardships on their RV journey, but her feisty attitude, her determination as a mother and doula, and her passion for poetry, unicycle stunts and naked karaoke kept them going. As the mother of restless, creative children, Jenn was able to nurture the family’s free-spiritedness while still keeping them safe. Her denim fashion game was also an inspiring example of creativity, turning scraps of denim into wearable art pieces. Thanks to her talents and spirit of perseverance, Jenn and her family have managed to not only survive but also thrive while living on the road in their RV.

Unicycle Stunts


You may not expect it, but Reno mom Jenn Taylor is quite the daredevil. When it comes to life in an RV with 18 children, she has completely embraced the opportunity to show off her unicycle skills. From karaoke singing in the buff to performing Olympic-level stunts aboard her unicycle, Jenn Taylor has made sure to make the most of her experience living on the road. While she does it all in style with her signature denim fashion sense, Jenn Taylor makes sure to remind everyone that this RV life is just one part of her incredible story of resilience and survival.

Naked Karaoke

When it comes to Reno mother of 18, Jenn Taylor's life philosophy, nothing counts as more than a little bit of fun-- even if that means singing karaoke in the buff! Despite her RV lifestyle and her packed brood of kids, Taylor is determined to make the most of it, even practicing unicycle stunts and feeding them all on a tight budget. But it's karaoke that really gets her going, especially when it's done nude. 'There's nothing like singing about life as a doula survivor in a denim fashion while being completely naked,' Jenn says with feisty gusto. 'It's a way of embracing all that I've endured and finding strength in it.' she adds. That's one reason why she'll never give up her RV living, her unicycle stunts and her naked karaoke performances, no matter what the critics may say.

Balancing Work and Family Life

Never having been one to do things the traditional way, Reno mom Jenn was determined to make her own path of motherhood and family life. With her 18 children in tow, she decided to explore the world of RV living. Setting out on a new journey with her family, Jenn embraced the challenge with a feisty resilience that led to some interesting and novel experiences.


One of the most unique and creatively fulfilling experiences for Jenn was developing her skills as a doula. Drawing upon her knowledge of natural healing, Jenn was able to provide invaluable guidance to mothers in Reno and beyond.


Yet Jenn didn't limit herself to the world of natural healing. Seeing her own children embracing the joys of unicycling and karaoke, she decided to join in the fun. After all, any mom can attest that it can be hard to balance work and family life. Jenn found the perfect solution to combine both worlds, donning her denim fashion and belting out her favorite tunes while the kids flaunted their newfound unicycle tricks.


When not rocking the RV with her family in tow, Jenn found solace in writing poetry. A self-proclaimed survivor of many obstacles and a fierce advocate for motherhood and family life, Jenn's poetry speaks to her journey and she hopes to inspire others with her words.


And although Jenn isn't afraid to jump into a few naked karaoke sessions, her true passion lies in the life-affirming power of motherhood and the importance of family. She is an inspiring example of mommyhood and a testament to the tremendous resilience of the human spirit.

Finding Work as a Birth Doula


Jenn Taylor, the feisty mother of eighteen vibrant children living in an RV, is also a birth doula survivor. When asked how she finds work in her unique profession, she always starts with a laugh, followed by a wink—her secret is, simply, faith. Mrs. Taylor believes that in order for a birth doula to be successful, a person must be fierce yet kind, and must be able to lean into the pain, the joy, and all the complexities of a mother's journey, supported by an unyielding belief in the power of the human spirit.


She also believes that a little unicycle-riding, naked karaoke, and feisty denim-clad poetry reading helps too. Mrs. Taylor' no-nonsense wit and resilience in the face of Reno's unpredictable birthing environment has earned her the title of honored doula among locals, and she's helping to bring her unique brand of doula work to more women across the nation.

Lessons Learned from Living in an RV


In her 18 years of raising 18 children in an RV in Reno, Nevada, feisty doula and survivor Jenn has learned more than a few life lessons. From stunts on a unicycle to writing poetry, Jenn has seen more than her fair share of creative and often unusual challenges that come with raising a large family in a cramped living space. But despite the challenges, Jenn has remained resilient and determined to make the most of her living situation.


One of the most important lessons Jenn has learned is the importance of communication. Living in an RV means that conversations often happen in close quarters, and it's important to ensure everyone is heard and respected. Jenn has found creative ways to keep her children engaged in conversations, such as hosting weekly poetry slams and allowing them to take turns reading aloud.


Jenn also recommends taking time for yourself and the family to enjoy activities outside the RV. She loves to take her family on costume-themed trips to the local karaoke bar, where her children get to show off their singing and dancing skills. These trips allow for everyone in the family to come together, bond and give each other space away from the RV.


But Jenn has also learned the value of embracing the chaos. With 18 children, there's no way to control everything that happens inside the RV - but that's part of what makes living in an RV such a unique experience. Jenn encourages her children to express themselves through art, music and fashion, and she loves seeing them show off their creativity in outrageous denim fashions and daring motorcycle jumps.


And perhaps one of the most unique and important lessons Jenn has learned is to be unafraid of being different. Whether it's hosting a naked karaoke night or jumping off a bridge into a river, Jenn has learned to embrace being her own unique self and encourage her children to do the same. Above all else, Jenn has found living in an RV to be a rewarding experience and an excellent way to teach her children valuable lessons they can use throughout their lives.


Living with 18 kids in an RV has been an incredible experience for Jenn Taylor. From building an awesome unicycle stunt team that got worldwide press, to mastering the art of naked karaoke, Jenn has achieved much during her journey of RV life. She has also been able to balance a full family life with a career as a birth doula.

Jenn's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit to not only survive, but thrive despite the most unique of circumstances. Through her journey of RV life and motherhood, she has learned that sometimes the greatest reward is to just take it a day at a time and go with the flow. This is a feisty story of Doula resilience that is sure to inspire others who are undertaking similarly daunting tasks.

What's next for Jenn Taylor? Ultimately, she dreams of opening an international school for prenatal and birth education. With her passion and relentless drive, it's only a matter of time before she achieves this goal, too.

Kudos to Jenn Taylor for her extraordinary life journey. She is a reminder that no matter what we face, with a bit of resilience, flexibility and a sense of adventure, anything is possible.